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COVID-19 Prevention & Control

#1.  Increase Cleaning Frequency

✓To provide additional cleaning and disinfecting of all high-touch surfaces with CDC approved chemical.   
✓To work with you and create a plan that is specific to your building.  We will help identify the common traffic patterns and highest level of occupancy in order to create the best plan. 

#2.  Enhanced Cleaning Methods

✓We have enhanced how we clean when it comes to disinfecting high-touch surfaces.  This will create a single contact practice while cleaning.  The towel or wipe we use will only touch the high touch surface once before being flipped over or thrown out. This is how we will ensure that all contaminants are collected and properly disposed.
✓We are following the cleaning guidelines as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

#3.  Proper Disinfectant and Cleaning Products

✓We are using only CDC and EPA approved disinfecting chemicals while disinfecting high touch surfaces.  

✓We also have additional products in our warehouse to support the need for proper disinfecting wipes and sprays.

✓We identified that supply deliveries are being delayed due to the increase in demand.  Our additional stock of all paper supplies is our way of staying ahead so we can ensure your account doesn’t go without!
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